I can work anywhere! Wait, that means I can work everywhere...


I am back in Ashland at my parent's place for Thanksgiving. I have been up since 5:30 cranking K-Cups in a quiet house and working on a contract for one of my clients, a great video production shop in Louisville.

One of the great aspects of lawyering in 2012 is that we can do it from most anywhere. My documents are securely stored in the cloud, my practice management software is available online, and I can do all of my research on the internet. This offers great freedom. 

Of course, it also means that I have done work while on a beach in Palau, from a coffee shop in New York, and a condo in South Carolina. I have responded to client emails from gas stations, during meals, and while sitting at red lights. (Do not text and drive, people. That's caveman-style levels of unsophistication.)

So, for my lawyer friends: how do you prevent the ability to work from anywhere from becoming the need to work from everywhere? What boundaries, if any, do you set up to separate yourself from work?