How can I find an attorney?

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I've prepared this list of organizations, websites, and attorneys to hopefully help you find help sooner rather than later for your particular case. Please understand: I'm not endorsing any of these resources. You need to do your own due diligence and hire an attorney based on your judgment, not because he or she appeared on this list.

Finding an attorney can be a hard, frustrating experience. Sometimes it takes 2, 3, 4, 10 phone calls just to find someone with the right combination of time, geographical proximity, experience, and interest to take (or even review!) your situation. 

What Websites and Orgs Exist to Help?

There are a number or organizations and websites devoted to helping you find an attorney. 

Legal Aids

There are four Legal Aid organizations in Kentucky. Legal Aid firms exist to help people who do not have enough money to hire a private attorney for their civil matter. You might consult them first. If you live in Louisville or the surrounding counties, you will likely be served by the Legal Aid Society. Legal Aid of the Bluegrass serves northern, northeastern, and central Kentucky. The Appalachian Research and Defense Fund (AppalReD) serves eastern and southern Kentucky while Kentucky Legal Aid works in western Kentucky.  

Lawyer Referral Services

Many areas have lawyer referral services run by the local bar associations. They are a good resource to consult to begin trying to find an attorney in your area. If you get referred to an attorney and he or she can't help, I encourage you to ask him or her if they know any attorney (or attorneys) who might be better suited to help you. 

Louisville Lawyer Referral Service (this serves surrounding counties, as well)

Northern Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service

Central Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service


Two organizations you should consider consulting is the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the Kentucky Justice Association. I am a member of both of these organizations. Both can likely help you get a start in finding an attorney in your area to review your case. NACA's website has a "Find An Attorney" feature that helps you find a consumer lawyer close to you while the KJA has a similar search feature for people seeking an attorney.


Avvo is a relatively new business that can be a useful tool for helping to find answers to your legal questions and an attorney in your area that might be right for you.  

Kentucky Attorneys

Here are some attorneys that you might want to contact in various areas of the law. 

Consumer Law

Craig Henry PLC

Stefanie Ebbens Kingsley

James "Hayes" Lawson

Zach Taylor


Marc Levy

Stefanie Ebbens Kingsley

Peter Brackney

Personal Injury

Jeff Adamson

Bahe, Cook, Cantley, and Nefzger

Employment Law

Kevin Monsour and Johnny Bruce

Craig Henry PLC

Criminal Law

Ted Shouse

Faulkner Kaelin Law Office

Family Law

Roy Denny

Faulkner Kaelin Law Office

Landlord-Tenant Disputes (Attorneys for Tenants)

Ryan Smither

Ryan Fenwick