Week in Review: Office Space, Kids' Book, Systemic Sin, and Wilco

Progress at 902 South Shelby Street

Over the past couple of weeks, the shared office space we are preparing at 902 S. Shelby has come a long way. It's amazing what some paint and carpet did to the space. If you know a young attorney or nonprofit or startup looking for a place to meet clients or customers with a dedicated workspace, please send them this link or have the call (502) 509-3231. We'll have space for 6-7 folks. We're hoping to have it ready by January 1. 

Sermon Podcasts

"But I would like to suggest to you that, while John the Baptist is concerned with personal sin and repentance, he’s also dealing with something much larger: the infrastructure that makes sin native to the system and not just the product of personal choices." – Derek Penwel in last week's sermon at Douglass Boulevard Christian Church.

That notion—that our society can be constructed in a way that "makes sin native to the system"—is as useful as it is dreadful. The best work that the best lawyers do is in cases that challenge and change those systems in which our sin is collected, distilled, and deployed in ways that injure those that can least afford to be injured.

The audio is available for a listen here or in iTunes.

A Great Book for Great Kids

We have had a few friends tell us they're expecting. Insert Howard Dean Scream—YAHHHHH!—here. Spoiler alert: they're all getting A is for Activist from us. 

G is for Grassroots. Sprouting from below. Sharing nutrients, and the water's flow. Below the surface we're all connected. Stronger together—we Grow.

Wilco's Song Exploder

I listened to Jeff Tweedy explain his creative process in this recent episode of "Song Exploder". Like last week's talk about creativity from John Cleese (see last post), Tweedy emphasized being open to discovery. I thought it was really interesting that a big part of his creative process is knowing he has something to say, but understanding that he would uncover it unless he could trick his ego into getting out of the way. Very clever. I continue to be intrigued by what lawyers can learn from other artists about becoming more creative and applying that to their advocacy.

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