I'm talking about consumer law at UK's law school

I tried to write this announcement in a way that might have captured the attention of me-circa-2003... I'm really grateful to UK's career services team for helping me set this up.  

Ben Carter is going to be talking about consumer law and solo practice on Friday at noon in Room 213. 

He will be buying your time and attention with Pizza Hut pizza. 

The lunch is sponsored by the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA). Ben will be talking about the work he does as a consumer attorney: prosecuting auto fraud, defending collections actions, helping homeowners facing foreclosure, consumer class actions, prosecuting insurance bad faith, and on and on and on. 

You might want to go if any of the following things are true: 

  • You do not have a job. 
  • You do not have any prospects of having a job. 
  • You went to law school to do good. 
  • You are angry—so angry—at the banks, servicers, and Wall Street bigwigs that ran our economy into the ground. 
  • You went to law school to help people with heartbeats. 
  • You cheer for underdogs. 
  • You want to live your life as a friction to the machine
  • You want to open your own firm someday. 
  • You like pizza.

Ben is a solo practitioner at Ben Carter Law PLLC. Before starting his own firm, he worked for three very good trial attorneys in Louisville, the Legal Aid Society, the Public Defender's Office in the Republic of Palau, and for Judge Wingate of the Franklin Circuit Court. 

With Annie O'Connell, Ben hosts a podcast called Let's Start a Law Firm. It's about dog breeding. Just kidding. It's about starting a law firm. It's available for download in iTunes and show notes are at http://benarterlaw.com/letsstartalawfirm