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John Stewart Explains and Lampoons MERS, the "Mortgage Electronic Registration System"

I love Jon Stewart (@thedailyshow) for his ability and willingness to explain and lampoon MERS.  

As a foreclosure defense attorney, I have to spend a lot of time explaining to clients, opposing counsel, and courts things like the Uniform Commercial Code, residential mortgage-backed securities, pooling and servicing agreements, and, yes, MERS. I really admire Jon Stewart's ability to cut to the heart of a really (and purposefully) complicated and opaque system for privatizing the responsibility for recording the ownership of mortgages across America and the damage that privatization has done to countless homeowners. 


Nerd Alert: Here are the Briefs I Mentioned at the Consumer Bankruptcy Symposium

On March 15, I presented at the University of Kentucky's Consumer Bankruptcy Symposium. I promised certain materials and here they are: 

Here is the brief about the Uniform Commercial Code, Standing, and Securitization

Here is the brief about the Rogan v. Bank One case. 

How to Find and Use PSAs

Here are the presentation slides