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Foreclosure Law Update and Arguing Equity in Kentucky Foreclosures

I am presenting today in Louisville, Kentucky to a huge room of Kentucky attorneys on our ongoing foreclosure crisis. Many thanks to the Kentucky Bar Association for asking me to speak again this year at the Kentucky Law Update.

Last year, I spoke about the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), the federal program designed to encourage servicers to modify struggling homeowners loans by offering them money for each loan they modify. (Here's the video of that presentation.)

This year, I'm discussing two recent Kentucky Court of Appeals decisions and then pivoting to a novel, but important argument that most advocates ignore: equity. Kentucky courts exist to consider both legal and equitable arguments in each case. My position is that foreclosure cases beg for equitable arguments.

I hope to have a video to post for you at a later date, but for now here is the PowerPoint presentation I will use today. Download the PowerPoint file for the notes section. If you just want the slides (preserved in their original formatting and not screwed up by the fact that you don't have the typeface I used), download the .pdf

If you're reading this because you attended the presentation, thanks again for attending. If you are an attorney or a homeowner with questions about foreclosure, contact me online or give me a call: 502-509-3231. 

If you are interested in foreclosure, justice writ large, and/or if you are an attorney who wants to use your law degree to make Kentucky a better place, sign up for email updates about the Commonwealth Justice conference I'm organizing. It's going to be in Louisville from August 8 to August 10, so sign up and mark your calendar. It's gonna be awesome.