My Guide to Guides for Apple's New Operating System

If you're thinking about upgrading to Mavericks (or already have) you owe it to yourself to take a little time to learn about the under-the-hood features of Apple's newest (and free-est) operating system. As a solo attorney, I rely on Apple's products and software to get my work done every single day and divide my computing life to "before I bought a MacBook in 2004" and "after the switch". If you want to learn more about all that, listen to "Let's Start a Law Firm."

Non-nerds may not know that John Siracusa has been reviewing Mac operating systems for over a decade and his latest installment provides users not only an exhaustive review of the changes, but also places those changes in a historical context. This makes the review less of a operating system review and more a crash course in Apple's evolution.   

This post is really just to point non-nerds to Siracusa's review, but if you want more reading, here are two more useful links:  

Federico Viticci's Tips, Tricks, and Details 

Macworld's Installing Maverick's Guide