💰💰💰Help the Kentucky Equal Justice Center Win $20,000 Today! 💰💰💰

Hello Friend, 

Because you care about the law and—more broadly—justice (and likely agree with me on some important issues), I'm hoping you'll help my employer—the Kentucky Equal Justice Center—win $20,000 in challenge grant money today. (I have been meaning to email for a while and will write more about KEJC soon.)

Today (Thursday), the Bluegrass Community Foundation will be donating $20,000 to the organization that gets the most individual donations of $25 or more between 9 AM and 9 PM. I wouldn't have thought this at the beginning of the challenge, but seeing the support we have received so far makes me believe we have a real shot at winning this $20,000. That’s why I'm asking for your help to make it happen

I am asking you to reach out personally to two or three friends: tell them about KEJC, our important work, and the opportunity to add $20,000 to our donations TODAY. If you wanted to donate, too, that would—of course—be awesome.

Here are the words you can copy and paste into an email or text message or post on social media: 

Hey [insert familiar greeting or their name here], 

Kentucky Equal Justice Center is a nonprofit law firm in advocacy organization in Kentucky. They represent immigrants, low income Kentuckians, Medicaid recipients, workers, and consumers in courts across the Commonwealth and lobby for vulnerable Kentuckians in Frankfort.

I’m asking you to donate $25 or more today because the organization in central Kentucky that gets the most individuals to donate $25 or more between 9 AM and 9 PM today will win $20,000. That would be huge for this tiny but mighty nonprofit! (KEJC is currently suing the Trump Administration to prevent Matt Bevin from imposing costly and unnecessary reporting requirements on Kentucky’s Medicaid program. A similar program went into effect earlier this summer in Arkansas and thousands of people are losing Medicaid coverage there each month—12,300 total so far.)

Please consider donating $25 (or more!) between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM TODAY by following this link: 

Every person who donates through my fundraising page will receive a thank you “gift” for donating. I have joked on Twitter that when I tell my friends what this fundraising “bencentive” is they have called it “reprehensible” and “a thought crime.” They’re not wrong, but you have to get the "prize." Here's a sneak peak

Thank you so much. We have a lot of work to do in Kentucky and it feels good to know that were doing it together.

Ben (now donate and ask others to donate!)