How to Listen to and Tell People about Let's Start a Law Firm

For the last few months, I've been recording a podcast with my buddy, Annie O'Connell, about how to start a law firm. It's called "Let's Start a Law Firm" and it's been a lot of fun. One of the more consistent things that we hear from listeners is that they're not lawyers, but they're running small businesses and still find our thoughts on running a law firm useful in their own businesses. That's extremely gratifying to hear. 

If you are new to listening to podcasts, two thing: First, WELCOME! Second, you may want to consider getting a dedicated app on your iPhone or other mobile device to listen to podcasts. This class of apps is called "podcatchers" and you can buy them in the App Store. Ben uses Downcast. Instacast is very popular with the nerds, as well. Annie uses Stitcher and Ben is not judging her for that. 

You can subscribe to the podcast feed in iTunes  to get future episodes automatically. If you like the show, please rate the show in iTunes or leave a review. There's really nothing better you can do than rate and/or review the show on iTunes to help new people find this podcast. Of course, tweets and links on Facebook don't hurt, either. 

If you're not into iTunes, you can always listen online at Let's Start a Law Firm. You'll also find show notes for all our shows at Let's Start a Law Firm