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Watching Jake Payne: Protecting Anonymous Speech on the Internet

Today, I filed a Memorandum in Support of a Motion to Quash the subpoena issued to Google by Jacob Payne in Jacob Payne v. Anonymous Blogger(s).

As I explain in the brief's "Introduction," this case is Mr. Payne's attempt to silence a dissenting voice and intimidate other detractors who might have the audacity to question Plaintiff's usefulness as a journalist and commentator on Kentucky politics. Mr. Payne expects the Court to use its power to protect him from the same kind of treatment to which he has subjected countless other journalists, public figures, elected officials, and party activists. Plaintiff and his attempt to chill political speech are not worthy of protection; the Anonymous Blogger(s) and their right to participate anonymously in Kentucky's political discourse are.

You can find a copy of the brief, with exhibits, here.