To The Woods

We're assembling a group of do-gooding (public interest and private practitioners) attorneys from around Kentucky to go to Natural Bridge State Resort Park on the weekend of January 13-15, 2017. It's not a "retreat" because we're not retreating. It's a chance to get together, be with friends and family, make new friends and family, and, yeah, assess what work can and must be done to help Kentuckians deal with the fallout from a Trump Presidency and GOP-controlled Frankfort. What can we do to help those most likely to be victimized, marginalized, persecuted, and prosecuted in the next four years? What is that work? How do we do that work? How do we fund that work? What work is already being done? Can we work together? How?

Spouses are welcome. Kids are welcome. (Dogs, unless they are small dogs and only then in a limited number of rooms, are unfortunately not welcome. Sorry, Rooster.) Primarily, this is a social thing. That we might have some good, creative ideas while walking around the woods, eating from delicious state park buffets, and sitting by campfires is a plus. 

Space is limited. Fill out the form below and then make your own reservation for a room at the lodge or a cottage by calling 606-663-2214. Tell them you're with the "Kentucky Lawyers" group. Right now, there are about 35 lodge rooms, six 1-bedroom cottages, and two 2-bedroom cottages available. If you are not going to stay at NBSRP but are still planning on hanging, please sign up below, too. 

Additional costs will include the price of eating delicious state park food (I'm serious, it's tremendous) while you're there. We may do a group dinner on Saturday night which might have some shared costs.

Speaking of money, if you are interested in donating some money to sponsor free rooms for public interest attorneys, law students, or poor private attorneys (no, I am not talking about me, jerk), I will take your money or commitment of money. It is not a tax-deductible gift or anything. You're just giving me money and trusting me to put it to good use. Other uses might include providing childcare or defraying the cost of a Saturday night meal.   

Know another attorney who would be into this sort of thing? Please invite him or her. 

Can't make this weekend and super-bummed about it? It's cool. We're doing a follow-up gathering from April 7-9. Also, I'm going to be staying Sunday night, as well (it's MLK, Jr. Weekend), though I will consider any post-Sunday afternoon hanging to be a bonus. 

I'm also creating a Facebook event page because, well, that's where everyone's at these days. Hopefully that can facilitate pre-gathering planning and camaraderie along with you fine people inviting other fine people to join us in the woods

Please fill out this form with your best guesses on what days you'll be there and how many people you will be bringing.

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2135 Natural Bridge Road

Stanton, Kentucky 40376