Ben Carter Law is renting up to four offices to professionals or artists (or professional artists) in need of space. The units are located in the "back half" of 900 South Shelby St. The building is on the corner of Breckinridge and South Shelby. The protected bike lane toward downtown runs past the building on Breckinridge. 

Each unit has its own entrance from the outside. There will be a shared kitchenette (eventually) available to renters. Two shared bathrooms, one on each floor. And, one shared conference room in the storefront of 900 S. Shelby Street. The conference room will be equipped with a TV and Apple TV and conference table (obviously). Each office space measures roughly 15'x15'. There are two on the first floor and two on the second floor. An interior door separates each of the two units on each floor. 50/5MB internet will be hardwired throughout the building and wifi is available, as well. See the gallery below for a sense of the space and contact Ben if you want a walkthrough: or 502-509-3231.