Fill Judicial Vacancies and Solve the Student Loan Crisis

With three years left in office, I really only want the Obama Administration to do two things: 1) Fill judicial vacancies and 2) solve the student loan crisis.  

I know, I know. There are lots of other important things the country needs (immigration reform, arbitration reform, election reform, etc., etc.) 

I know, I know. The Obama Administration can't do these things alone, but it can  use its bully pulpit more effectively in these areas. 

If this chart (more charts on student debt available at Mother Jones)  doesn't make you soil your red, white, and blue undies, then you're not wearing red, white, and blue undies. 

This is appalling. 

This is appalling. 

If you need an attorney in Kentucky to help you resolve a financial crisis involving student debt, give me a call.  

What are your priorities for the Obama Administration for the next three years?

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