Let's Start a Law Firm, Episode 13: Ted Shouse: "I knew I could be a pretty good lawyer."

Louisville criminal defense attorney Ted Shouse joins Annie and Ben in studio as Let's Start a Law Firm's first‑ever guest. Ted began his career as a public defender and for eleven years worked across the state and in all levels of criminal defense: as a trial attorney, as an appellate attorney, and as Executive Director of the Kentucky Innocence Project where Ted and his staff worked to exonerate and free wrongfully-convicted individuals. 

Ted started his own law firm five years ago and still has no website and, as he says on the podcast, only recently learned what a spreadsheet is. So, how does he maintain a busy trial calendar and stay in business? All will be revealed in less than an hour. For those of you considering not listening to the entire episode: first, shame on you. Second, you should really listen to the end of this episode. Unlike the world, it ends with a bang, not a whimper. 

Show Notes for Episode 13

What is a spreadsheet

Ted uses Caran D'ache pens exclusively and an Attorney's Daybook

As a man with impeccable style, First Impressions in Louisville, Kentucky is Ted's stationer of choice. Because, business cards matter: 

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We welcome feedback, Starters. Lay it on us.