Let's Start a Law Firm, Episode 11: Getting Better

A few weeks into 2014, Annie and Ben discuss New Year's resolutions, how to set responsible goals, how having fun pays off, and how starting a business is really a process of self-discovery. 

Also, a Hitler-designed model for change. 

Show Notes for Episode 11: Getting Better

Annie used the Plus–Delta Model to review her 2013. 

Annie has a new website!

Kentucky's junior Senator, Rand Paul, started his own board so he could remain "board-certified". 

There's an alarm clock that donates to the charity of your choice when you hit the snooze button. StickK.com allows you to commit to a goal and donate money to a charity (maybe one you hate) if you're into that whole carrot-and-stick thing. 


Ben is using Strides App (on iTunes) to help track his progress (or non-progress) toward some of his goals for 2014. Here's a post from Ben about how Strides functions and how he's using it. The app is built to help you set and reach SMART goals.

Other podcasts about goal-setting and resolutions: 

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If you don't know about Banksy (and Ben didn't until about two months ago), here's Wikipedia on Banksy

When setting goals, remember, you've got to be kind to yourself. 

Show credits

Many thanks to Cast Iron Filter for letting us use "Tamarack" from their live album, "Live from the Highway", as our bumper music. CIF's music is available on iTunes and it is simply the best. If your travels take you down a two-lane highway, do not leave home without CIF.  

Photo credit for the "start button" image in our cover art goes to Mijn. Thanks for taking a cool picture and sharing it on Flickr.


Annie has a website and accounts on Facebook and Twitter

So does Ben: websiteFacebookTwitter.

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