Let's Start a Law Firm, Episode 7: Getting Help, Part 2

What do you do when you can't do it all?  

Annie and Ben discuss the various avenues available to small firms and solo practitioners to get the legal work that needs doing done. When do you need to hire an associate? A paralegal? How does co-counseling a case work? When would you want to seek the help of a co-counsel? All this, plus law students, interns, administrative assistants, and contract attorneys.  

Show Notes for Episode 7: Getting Help, Part 2

Kentucky has a rule governing fee-sharing between attorneys and the disclosures that must be provided to the client when attorneys are sharing a fee. Pay special attention to subsection (e). 

One of the benefits of co-counseling a case? Having someone beside you to remind you that a) "nothing is fucked here, dude" and that b) "you are being very undude". (Nevermind that in this analogy the co-counsel, Walter, is the entire cause of the problems that ensue.)  

Can't get enough Lebowski? Probably time to get some sweet bumperstickers.  

Ben talked a lot about his awesome associate. You can follow him (Josh) on Twitter.  

Gerry Spence, come on our show as a guest anytime. Call us.  

Here's the USA Today article about unpaid interns. And, for good measure, Ben's article on generational warfare

Show credits

Many thanks to Cast Iron Filter for letting us use "Tamarack" from their live album, "Live from the Highway", as our bumper music. CIF's music is available on iTunes and it is simply the best. If your travels take you down a two-lane highway, do not leave home without CIF.  

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