Let's Start a Law Firm, Episode 6: Getting Help, Part 1

What is your job and what should be someone else's job when you're starting a law firm? Ben and Annie begin talking about the questions of whether and when and how to hire help by talking about an area in which they both (badly) needed help (and fast): bookkeeping. 

Quickbooks is the program that most bookkeepers use to keep books. Ben and Annie both tried with varying success to use it themselves to keep their books when starting out. We don't know anyone that loves Quickbooks. But, for double-entry bookkeeping, it's the lingua franca of the business world. 

Lynda.com: online tutorials for all sorts of things from photography, to computer programming, to, yes, Quickbooks. 

Quickbooks University: A Quickbooks training program by Mat Hultquist

Annie's fru-fru college that didn't teach her math is New College. Other famous alums include David Allen and Merlin Mann.  

Austin Cooper, Ben's Louisville-based bookkeeper.  (Yes, he has discussed with her how easy and important it might be for her to have a one-page website on Squarespace.)

Also in need of a Squarespace site: Stuedle, Spears, & Francke, Annie's bookkeeper and accountant. She uses Kristen Stuedle.  

And, finally, Ben uses Chuck Hendrix to prepare his taxes. Chuck is a great guy.  

Show credits

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